Have you ever been geoblocked?

Every day, artificial digital borders block millions of Europeans from ordering goods, purchasing movies on demand or watching videos. Now the EU is considering taking action. Join us in demanding:

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The fight to end geoblocking in the EU has begun.
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Why geoblocking must end

  1. Geoblocking is discrimination

    Linguistic minorities, long-term migrants, exchange students, etc. – 1 in 10 Europeans[ELEN] – are denied access to their culture online.

  2. Geoblocking locks in artists

    Many artists' works are denied a Europe-wide audience – and fans ready to pay are turned away.

  3. Geoblocking locks out audiences

    Language learners, foreign sports league fans etc. are forced to pay VPNs instead of creators, or seek out illegal sources.

  4. Geoblocking betrays EU principles

    The EU is supposed to be a single market. Geoblocking undermines that. The EU must act – like it did on roaming.

  5. Geoblocking harms the economy

    Up to 1.6 billion Euros worth of cross-border demand is kept from EU VoD platforms, EU startups and artists.[Plum]

Voices against geoblocking

Politicians, consumer advocates, minority representatives, startup associations, regional Parliaments and many more have come out against geoblocking.

And here's what users like you say: [EC]
80%have been
90%say it should
never happen
vast majoritysupports EU
laws against it

Geoblocking is the most anachronistic, un-European, un-digital practice on the web. This year, we have the chance to end it in the EU – whether we succeed depends on whether people will speak up. supports this campaign
Julia Reda, Member of the European Parliament (Pirate Party, Greens/EFA group)
Geoblocking undermines regional minority lanuage usage. ... Usually-connected cross-border regions become digitally disconnected. This is ridiculous! supports this campaign
European Language Equality Network
Geoblocking is utterly contrary to the Single Market and the European idea as a whole. supports this campaign
Allied for Startups
Access across borders contributes to cultural exchange and learning – it should become standard in the EU. It is especially crucial for students attending mobility programs. supports this campaign
European Students' Forum
Geo-blocking is discrimination based on territory. Getting rid of it is key for the creation of a true digital single market and even a European public space! supports this campaign
Young European Federalists
It's time to end geoblocking! We would never accept to show our passport when shopping on a high street ... Unfortunately this happens too often when going online. ... Discriminatory territorial practices should stop. ... This would curb piracy and help all consumers to enjoy Europe's cultural diversity.
BEUC The European Consumer Organisation not an endorsement of this campaign
[We need] a targeted competition policy ensuring the prohibition of agreements for licenses which prohibit sales of services outside licensed territories.
European Startup Act 2020 by European Young Innovators Forum not an endorsement of this campaign
Deep in my heart, I hate geoblocking. ... To discriminate, using geoblocking, our citizens in the 21st century in the European Union is not acceptable.
Andrus Ansip, Vice-President for the Digital Single Market at the European Commission not an endorsement of this campaign
Geoblocking practices should not prevent cultural minorities living in EU Member States from accessing existing contents or services in their language that are either free or paid for.
European Parliament, Reda Report (07/2015) not an endorsement of this campaign

3 steps to end geoblocking

  1. Stop forcing services to turn away customers

    Current status


    Allow «passive sales» for videos: Services should be allowed to do business with all people who find an offer, no matter where they come from. Licenses should only be able to restrict who they can actively advertise to.

  2. Enforce anti-discrimination law

    Current status


    EU law forbids discriminatory[EU] and anti-competitive[EU] business practices. The EU must clarify that the common justifications for geoblocking conflict with these provisions.

  3. Allow «roaming» for subscription services

    Current status


    When crossing a border, users must be able to take their subscriptions to online services with them.

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  • 3 reasons why geoblocking exists
  • Common pro-geoblocking arguments refuted


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Talk by MEP Julia Reda at re:publica conference (20 minutes)

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